Rake on Wheels

The Wolf Garden Tools rake scarifier removes moss and thatch from your lawn. The wheels mean the rake maintains the correct penetration. The head swings back and forth to help the rake glide over lawn when pushed, and bite into lawn when pulled. It requires a little strength to rake a lawn effectively – but we all need exercise.

The result obtained by using this tool exceeded my expectations. Within a short space of time, I had raked out quite a lot of moss and thatch. Having one in the tool shed means I can get it out at any time to touch up the lawn. Wolf claim the special hardened blades require no re-sharpening. I have not had it long enough to know if this is true. The handle fits other tools in the Wolf Garden Tools range. The range is extensive and there are plenty of other useful tool heads available. I think it’s brilliant.

— Alan Readhead

Wolf Garden Tools Scarifier Rake on Wheels


Requires the Wolf Garten ZMI15 150cm Multi-Change Lightweight Aluminum Handle


Available from Amazon


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